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Kelli awoke the the feeling of cold, Russian wind passing by her face. It felt like a ghost had run by. She looked around for the source of the cold wind and noticed the window was open. She got up out of bed, put on some bath robes and went to close the window. Kelli was a young American women on a trip in Russia by herself. Sounds strange? She was actually there investigating KGB remnants on the Russian-Kazakhstan border. Kelli was staying at a nice hotel in Moscow but she planned on taking a bus to Orenburg where she would take a bus to a small, village near Aktobe province in Kazakhstan. There she would hunt down, who was believed to be, the leader of the KGB remnants, Tatiana Duchevsky. Kelli would find her and do what needed to be done.

Kelli packed up her bags (which were filled with high-tech equipment and weaponry) and left her room. As she walked down the long hallway, she felt a strange feeling of being watched. The long, lonely hallways of the hotel looked like those in the movie, the Shining. Any wise agent knows too trust their guts, she looked behind her and noticed a man and a woman following her. She walked faster, hoping get to the hotel lobby before them. As Kelli walked faster, they did too. The man walked up to her, put his hand on her shoulder. Kelli did the only smart and reasonable thing to do, she turned around, grabbed his head and smashed him into a wall knocking him out instantly. But the woman tackled Kelli before she could get away. The woman held a rag filled with chloroform on her mouth. Kelli tried to break free but the chloroform was too strong. Kelli slowly drifted off into a deep sleep.

Kelli slowly began to wake up. Her vision was blurred and fuzzy but she quickly gathered herself. Kelli looked around, trying to figure out what was going on. She was tied to a stretcher, only wearing a bra and panties, in what appeared to be an abandoned hospital. The lights were flickering and the windows were broken. It felt like some sort of broken down nightmare to her. But Kelli wouldn't let that get to her, she focused on freeing herself. She looked around for a knife or something she could use to break the restraints. Nothing, Kelli screamed out for help. Her cries went unanswered in the dead hospital.

Kelli tried to knock the stretcher on it's side but she soon realized that it was taped to a large, heavy table. Kelli wasn't going anywhere. And right when things couldn't get worse, Kelli heard footsteps coming from in front of her, she couldn't see the source of the footsteps but they sounded female. With each step Kelli knew she was closer and closer to death or worse.

Kelli saw, out of the corner of her eye, a woman standing above her. Not the woman from the hotel, this woman was different. She was wearing a black turtleneck with camouflage pants. She was actually quite attractive, she had blonde hair which she kept in a pony tail and dark brown eyes. The gun she had holstered on her side made Kelli's gem-like hazel eyes light up with fear. But Kelli wouldn't be intimidated. She had been trained to resist torture if captured. Needless to say, she was still afraid.

Without any words, the woman yelled out something in Russian. Kelli wished she studied up on Russian more but there were more important things to worry about. Two men carrying AK47's helped the woman lift the table that Kelli's stretcher was tied to and together they carried it into what appeared to be an old surgery room. Kelli knew what was coming and she didn't train for it. But she wasn't going to talk.

The two men quickly left the room, probably so they wouldn't have to see the torture. The woman closed the door and turned on a large overhead light which she faced at Kelli's torso. The woman said, "Wow the American's sent you? I have been fending for myself since I was ten. I'm not sure if you've even finished college. They sent a girl to do a woman's job. For I am Tatiana Duchevsky. Now, let's have a woman do a girls job. If you know what I mean?"

Kelli didn't know what she meant but she wasn't going to talk. "So in Russia, mothers tickle their daughters. Teenage girls play tickling pranks, same with sorority girls. Well, you look like you know all about that. But you see, the Romans would have a goat lick the feet of criminals to punish them. Sometimes, they would have their feet licked non-stop for days. I wonder what that would be like?"

Kelli's eyes opened wide at the sound of licked non stop. She struggled to break free as Tatiana's head slowly approached her bare feet. Kelli laughed right away when she felt Tatiana's wet, slimy tongue glide up and down her bare soles. Kelli liked it deep down but it tickled so much that she couldn't help trying to escape. Tatiana continued to lick Kelli's feet. At one point she started nibbling on her heel which wasn't quite as bad but it still forced heavy laughter from Kelli. "Oh my I love these big, ticklish feet! I hope they're not too big to fit in my mouth!" laughed Tatiana as she grabbed Kelli's bare foot and prepared to stick it in her mouth.

"No! PleaHAHAHAHA! Oh goooHAHAHA! It tickles!" Screamed Kelli as Tatiana mercilessly jammed her foot into her mouth. It felt like being in some strange hole filled with warm, sticky slime. Her teeth, gently nibbling and gnawing on Kelli's soles caused her to scream and laugh even more. But then, Tatiana did something truly inhumane. "Wait? Wh..hahah..what the hehehe..hell are you do..doing with you te..hehehe..teeth!? HAHAHA! Oh god no!" screamed the hysterical Kelli.

Tatiana raked her bottom teeth up and down Kelli's big, sensitive soles. Kelli was nearly crying from Tatiana's evil torture methods. After a couple more minutes, Tatiana stopped and Kelli realized something. Tatiana didn't even ask her any questions! This wasn't an interrogation, this was torture for the sake of torture!

Tatiana paced Kelli enjoying every sight of her exposed, quivering, ticklish body. "So, now I will ask some questions. I already know your here to kill me, my spies found your dossiers. But I want to know this, what do the American's know about the KGB remnants?" asked Tatiana.

Kelli, who honestly wanted to be tickled more said, "I'll tell you, come closer." Tatiana leaned down next to Kelli. "Closer", no Tatiana's face was right next to Kelli's as she kindly whispered, "Fuck you communist bitch".

Tatiana got up and plunged her face into Kelli's tummy and blew a huge raspberry causing Kelli to scream out with laughter. Tatiana kept giving Kelli raspberries. Each loud, wet vibration forced hysterical screams from Kelli. Then Tatiana started licking Kelli's belly button while pinching and poking her sides and armpits. While Kelli wasn't quite as ticklish on her upper body, the slippery, slimy slug-like tongue that whisked around in her belly button would make anybody laugh!

Finally Tatiana stopped, she started walking out of the room. "Wait! Can you at least wipe the spit off my tummy and feet?" asked Kelli.

Tatiana replied, "Well I'm coming back in a few minutes! I won't stop tickling you until you tell me everything single, little thing you know."

To be continued...
So I was talking to TickleMeHaylee's sister, Kelli, who I featured in Sisters Grimm parts one and two. At the time, I didn't know what she looked like and I had never talked to her. Recently I got to talk to her and she is very nice and she even let me write a story for her :D.

When I wrote Sisters Grimm, Haylee didn't give me a whole lot of direction. She just said have her and her sister be tickled. I like that! It gives me a lot of freedom and they both loved the final product. Anyway, like with Haylee's story, I wanted to surprise Kelli. I think she's gonna like this!
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HappyTriangle Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2015  Student Writer
I love it! But what do the characters look like?
Louisbootomlinson4 Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2014  Professional Artist
Nice:) (Smile) 
skulnbone7 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2014
Awesome story, I love the foot tickling!!! Heart 
TickleMeHaylee Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2012  Hobbyist
Thanks a lot for this. It's well written with a solid plot and very open ended for expansion. :)
Gamernerd323 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks I'm glad to see you liked it! There will definitely be expansion!
Wow now the KGB.
Gamernerd323 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
They actually are still out there. But they're freezing to death in third world conditions.
FlashFeather Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2012
Awesome, waiting for part two :)
Gamernerd323 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks I've got a lot on my plate right now. I'm going to make one request right now, then yours and then I'll have part 2 up!
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