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Catwoman had been scouring the rooftops of Gotham City, looking for something to steal or someone to rob. She laid low for a while after stealing some valuables from a very wealthy member of the Gotham community. As she was going from rooftop to rooftop, she saw Batman flying over head. She knew that if Batman was going to attack her, he would have done it without being noticed. Surely enough, Batman landed in front of her. Catwoman asked, "So batty, what is it this time?"

Batman responded, "I've been keeping an eye on Ivy lately. I have been able to track her by searching for dramatic growths of plant life in the area. A flora tracker if you will. Anyway, I think I found her. There is a large flora signal coming from an abandoned prison. I think that's where she is."

Catwoman replied, "Ah look at you, with all your fancy technology! Always trying to be the good little Bat aren't you. I gotta say, you don't come off as a good little bat."

Batman angrily replied, "Cut the crap, I need you to investigate the flora signal. Take this tracker, this will guide you to the source of the Flora."

Catwoman replied, "Wow, you need me to help you? What's the big deal Batty, got a date?"

Suddenly, a couple gun shots were heard from the distance. Batman replied, "Yeah that's where I'm going, police-gang shootout. I need you to find out what is going on with Ivy and report back to me."

Catwoman teasingly asked, "Well big Bat, how do I find you?"

Batman replied, "Don't find me, I'll find you."

Catwoman was about to reply but before she could, Batman was gone. Catwoman wasn't scared of Batman, nor did she like to work with him. But they had some common interests and goals. Catwoman decided to approach the flora signal a little more covertly. She went to her apartment, changed into her normal jeans, button down shirt and raincoat. She put her normal costume and gear into a back pack which she took with her. For once, it wasn't raining but it probably would by the time she got to the flora signal.

Sure enough, it started raining about ten minutes before she arrived at the source of the flora signal. Like Batman said, an old, abandoned prison. Seeing as how the front gates were locked, she climbed over the front walls into the prison yard. There wasn't any sign of Ivy anywhere. Catwoman thought that Ivy must be below her, many of these older prisons had huge underground basements which were sometimes converted to other facilities. She changed into her Catwoman outfit and left her normal clothes and backpack near the front gate. She was careful to not leave her ID inside the backpack in case it were stolen.

Catwoman cautiously sneaked through the facilities, it looked like going into a castle. It was very creepy but Catwoman didn't really notice. She entered what appeared to be a row of jail cells, she noticed that a guard balcony on the second story of the jail cells. She climbed up to it so she could get a better vantage point. Catwoman had a view of the long empty prison cells. Still no sign of Ivy, except for some weeds growing out of the floor. She quickly went to investigate.

The weeds she found might have been from Ivy, she looked around and found some vines in one of the prison cells. The cell door was wide open so Catwoman looked inside. She noticed a hole big enough for a couple people to fit through, it led down to a long catacomb. Catwoman, not realizing what was on the other side, went to investigate. She followed a trail of vines leading her to a sewer system. Luckily, the sewer hadn't been used in years and the water in it was mostly clean, the water probably came from underground rivers which might have been connected to the underground areas of the prison Catwoman thought to herself. But rather than pondering the source of the water, she continued following the vines.

The more she followed the vines the more plants appeared. Eventually, every wall was covered in plant life. Catwoman knew she was close. After a couple minutes, she came to a huge cave. It was at least eight stories tall, and appeared to be a part of the prison at one time, prison cells and different facilities surround the sides of the cave. It looked like the floors in the middle of the cave had decayed and fallen down over time. While the spectacle was quite amazing, Catwoman was more focused on finding Ivy.

Ironically, Catwoman never actually found Ivy. But Ivy managed to find her. Catwoman felt a vine travel up her leg, distracting her while other vines grabbed her arms and legs. They lifted her up above the ground. As one can imagine, Ivy walked up seductively wearing her typical worn down sweatshirt and underwear. She walked around Catwoman a couple times, examining her captive. Ivy asked, "Catwoman, you dare enter my lair?"

Catwoman bravely said, "Come on Ivy, I thought we were buddies?"

Ivy replied, "Don't be so cocky. I know why you're here! The Batman sent you!"

Catwoman replied, "Oh well who knows. Maybe he did maybe he didn't. Maybe the almighty told me to come to this prison and it just so happened you're here! Oh lordy lordy!"

Ivy replied, "You are swimming in deep water! You have information that I want. And you're not going anywhere! So, how about this, you help me find the Batman and I let you go. Not only that but I won't torture you if you help me, but you have to help me now!"

Catwoman very bravely said, "Ouch, your putting me in a tough spot dear. How about this, how about you let me go home so feed my cats and watch A&E and I'll take it into consideration. Is that a deal? I think it's a deal!"

Ivy laughingly replied, "Oh Catwoman your a funny little kitten aren't you."

Catwoman bravely replied, "Aw, that's so sweet of you!"

Ivy mockingly replied, "I know it is. But it won't stop me from torturing you."

Catwoman replied, "Torture me? Why would a nice pretty lady like yourself torture little old me? You know I won't talk, no matter what you do."

Ivy didn't reply, instead she went behind Catwoman and pulled her boots off and threw them down into the cave. Ivy sat down in front of Catwoman and examined her feet and asked, "So have you seen the internet video where the woman tickles the baby kitten?"

Catwoman replied, "Mm nope! Can't say that I have."

Ivy seductively replied, "I have always wondered if cats are ticklish in reality. They could have faked the video, I want to find out for sure!"

At this point, Ivy used her long nails to gently scratch Catwoman's feet. Her feet were amazingly clean for someone who had been walking around in prison sewers. Catwoman started giggling and laughing. "Hehehe, what... what are you doing hehe! I'm ticklish hahaha!" said a rather ticklish Catwoman.

Ivy said, "You said you wouldn't talk if I tortured you! Let's see what happens when I tickle you!"

Ivy started to tickle a little faster, she dragged her nails from Catwoman's heels to her toes. "Oh Go… haha… d. Ivy it ti… hahaha… ti-tickles! Stop it hahaha!" begged Catwoman.

Ivy teasingly said, "Oh but honey, you have to help me find the Batman if you want me to stop!"

While Ivy was tickling Catwoman's left sole, a vine dropped some weird looking weeds on Catwoman's right foot. They started forming vines and very slowly, moved up and around her foot. They caused intense tickling sensations, almost as bad as someone tickling her foot with their fingers. "What the hehehe… hell is that!? It tickles so...hahaha much!" said Catwoman.

Ivy replied, "Oh it's just a little something the lab came up with. It grows slowly over time. In an hour or two, it will cover the entire right side of your body. After several hours, It will cover your entire body. But don't worry, I will take them off and reapply new ones after every session, each session only lasts about thirty minutes so don't worry!"

Catwoman thought, thirty minutes! Oh god no! She was slightly angry at Batman for sending her, but, she knew that Batman would be the only one who could help her. That's the only reason why Catwoman didn't agree to help Ivy when the torture started. The foot tickling went on for about thirty minutes. It felt like an hour but Catwoman was just glad when it was over. Sadly for Catwoman, that was only day one.

To Be Continued
This story is about Catwoman being captured and tickled by Poison Ivy. Both characters are from the Batman franchise. First of all, Catwoman and Poison Ivy are from the video game Arkham City. I love the Anne Hathaway Catwoman but I wanted someone a little sexier. This Catwoman has a more balanced physic with dark hair, eyes and skin. I just imagined Catwoman as being a temptress when writing this story. The version of Poison Ivy in this story is also the one from Arkham City, the sexier and raunchier version! Hope you guys enjoy! I had some help from a friend who wishes to remain anonymous.

All characters depicted belong to DC Comics as well as Akrham Asylum, however the fictional layer of Ivy depicted in the story is my original idea, it was made for this story only. I do not own any of the characters depicted, this story if purely fan fiction.
can't wait for part two. :iconbigheartplz:
Gamernerd323 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks I'm working on it right now. It's going to be a lot more intense.
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