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For the past several days, Catwoman has been put through tickle torture sessions by Poison Ivy. The sessions last 30 minutes each and Catwoman must go through 3-4 tickle sessions per day for a whopping total of 2-3 hours of tickling per day! Why didn't Catwoman agreed to help Ivy find Batman? Because Batman was the only one who could save Catwoman. Sadly, Batman hadn't come yet. And Catwoman will soon learn that this day would be the worst!

Catwoman woke up in her jail cell like normal. She walked around for a little while and then sat on her bed and ate the food that is left for her every morning. She noticed she was wearing a very small bikini rather than her normal underwear. After about 20 minutes, Ivy came to her cell. Ivy started to unlock the door, when Ivy entered the cell, vines grabbed Catwoman, laid her down on the bed and restrained her. Ivy walked up with her usual seductively teasing walk. "So, it's been 5 days and you haven't said a word! I must say I'm impressed. Most people wouldn't hold out for as long as you have. So guess what, today, you get to shower. That's why your wearing the bikini!" happily said Ivy.

Catwoman asked, "Why do I need a bikini for the shower?"

Ivy replied, "Oh you'll see."

Catwoman knew the shower would end up being part of her torture. But quite frankly she didn't care. She had been covered in sweat, dirt, plant goo and spit for the past 5 days. She was excited to take a shower, even if it would be a way to torture her.

Like usual, the vines formed into wrist and ankle cuffs on Catwoman and they broke off. Then vines from the ceiling carried Catwoman around wherever Ivy wanted to take her. Today, they would be going to the remnants of the shower room. There, the vines laid Catwoman down on the floor of the shower room. Amazingly, the water still worked, Catwoman assumed Ivy found a way to redirect water to the showers. She was excited to finally wash herself. Catwoman asked, "Thank you Ivy, thank you so much! Now just untie me and I'll get started."

Ivy replied, "Oh no no no! You can't be trusted Ms. escape artist! You won't be untied."

Catwoman skeptically replied, "Well how am I going to get washed then?"

Ivy replied, "Oh I'm going to do it! I'll wash you from head to toe! I have a scrub brush, soap, shampoo everything!"

Catwoman knew it was going to be some kind of form of torture. She had been forcibly washed before and she knew that it tickled. Catwoman tried to crawl away but Ivy picked her up and brought her under the water. While Catwoman was struggling, the hot water felt so nice after not showering for 5 days. Ivy held Catwoman under the water for a little while before taking her out. Vines came down from the ceiling, they took the cuff-like vines off of Catwoman but the vines immediately suspended her over the ground and held her in an X shape. Now, every part of Catwoman was vulnerable.

Ivy started by washing Catwoman's tummy. Ivy rubbed the soap all over her and even put some in her belly button making Catwoman laugh and giggle. Then she rubbed up and down her thighs with the scrub brush making her really laugh! Ivy left no spot untouched by the scrub brush. Ivy then washed Catwoman's legs and back which wasn't so bad. It actually felt kind of good. But then, Catwoman realized what body parts were left to wash, her butt, her feet and a couple other places (if you know what I mean).

Catwoman bravely asked, "Ivy, why did I have to wear a bikini for the shower?"

Ivy happily replied, "Oh just so I could do this!"

Ivy pulled Catwoman's bra down and used a wash cloth to wash her breasts. Now Catwoman was screaming with laughter. Ivy watched Catwoman's ticklish agony with an evil grin. Catwoman was screaming, "Oh good they're clean they....haha...they're clean! Plea...hahaha..please stop! It tickles so much!"

Ivy replied, "I'll stop if you help me!"

With Catwoman not responding, Ivy continued scrubbing her nipples and breasts aggressively. Finally she stopped and pulled the bikini top back over Catwoman's breasts. Ivy let Catwoman breath for a little while before going down lower.

Ivy pulled down Catwoman's thong. She scrubbed heavily on her butt and uh...somewhere else! Catwoman screamed with laughter in ticklish agony as Ivy tortured her. When Ivy finally stopped, Catwoman's green eyes opened wide. Last was her feet.

Ivy said, "Ah I saved the best for last! Your tootsies! They wouldn't happen to be ticklish are they? Oh what am I saying, I tickled them for 30 minutes yesterday! I should already know how amazingly ticklish those feet are!"

Catwoman struggled to break free from the vines but they were to strong. Ivy took the scrub brush, laid the bristles gently on Catwoman's soles and scrubbed them. She scrubbed hard and relentlessly. Catwoman was screaming as each bristle on the brush tickled her horrifically! For the next couple minutes, Catwoman screamed and laughed and even cried from how much the brush tickled her bare feet.

Ivy said, "Now your feet are clean! And the rest of your body. Now just to be safe, I want to see how clean your feet are."

Ivy grabbed Catwomans feet. She held her right foot near her face, she sniffed it a little bit before dragging her tongue from Catwoman's heel, to her sole and up past her toes. Catwoman laughed and giggled every second of it! Then Ivy did the same with her left foot, this time she gently nibbled on the Catwoman's toes at the end.

Ivy said, "OK looks like were done. Oh whoops! I forgot one thing, your armpits!"

Catwoman replied, "No! Please no! NOOO...Hahaha! Oh go..go...god it tickles hahaha!"

Ivy scrubbed one armpit with the scrub brush, the other with the wash cloth. Ivy continued this for a couple minutes, she enjoyed Catwoman's screams, cries and giggles. When Ivy was finished, she licked all around Catwoman's armpits and even nibbled them a little bit.

Catwoman was finally done with her shower. Ivy brought Catwoman to the main corridor of her lair for a special surprise. Ivy had Catwoman strapped down to a rack that was used for insane prisoners. It had leather straps that went around Catwoman's wrists, ankles, elbows, knees and hips. Catwoman didn't notice it at first but there was the plant with three mouths that blew raspberries next to her. Catwoman was scared the moment she saw that. Ivy went down to her feet while the mouths of the raspberry blowing plant locked into her tummy, one on each side and one directly over her belly button. Ivy said, "So Catwoman, help me find Batman now or you will be tickled until you do, no breaks."

Catwoman didn't respond, she only prepared for the upcoming torture. Ivy smiled, secretly Ivy had a tickle fetish and loved tickling Catwoman. She started licking Catwoman's feet while the plants blew raspberries on her tummy. Catwoman's feet and tummy were not only covered in water from the shower but also plant goo and Ivy's spit. Ivy's tongue ran up and down Catwoman's soles, between her toes, above and behind her toes. Catwoman was laughing and crying while Ivy enjoyed every second she had with Catwoman's feet. Tears ran down Catwoman's cute, but pink from the tickling, face as she couldn't handle the raspberries and Ivy licking her feet.

This continued for another twenty minutes, of course, no breaks so Ivy didn't stop. She just enjoyed Catwoman's feet. But then, Catwoman saw a shadow come down from a guard balcony. It was Batman! He fell down hard on Ivy knocking her unconscious. Vines grabbed onto him but he quickly ripped them off. He untied Catwoman and gave her some clothes that he had brought for her. Catwoman ran out while Batman picked up Ivy, laid her on the rack and tied her up. He put a note describing what had happened, with a video tape of Ivy torturing Catwoman. Batman was even nice enough too block Catwoman's face so that the authorities would see her identity.

Don't worry, Batman wasn't standing around enjoying the show. He filmed it just before he rescued Catwoman. And soon enough, GPD rolled in and took down Poison Ivy. But while the police were picking her up, they accidentally stepped on one of Ivy's spore traps. The officers ran out of the way before any spores got on them but they dropped Ivy right on top of it! When Ivy woke up, she was laughing and giggling uncontrollably. She said, "It tickles so much make it stop!"

The police took her to Arkham Asylum where they knew that the spores were causing Ivy's unexplained ticklish sensations. So they did the only responsible and humane thing to do. They brought her to the female shower rooms so the female guards could scrub the spores off her. In the process, the guards scrubbed every inch of Ivy's body to make sure no spores were left. While this tickled Ivy like she has never been tickled before, she was glad to have the spores off her. For years to come, she lived in the Asylum, plotting her ticklish revenge on Catwoman.

The End?
The final part to Catwoman's Ticklish Imprisonment. Once again, I worked on this with another friend who wishes to remain anonymous. Anyway guys, here's part three!

All characters and settings belong to DC Comics.
"Another nice chapter.
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Thanks I have always wanted to write something with Poison Ivy and Catwoman!
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