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Miley Cyrus had fallen asleep quickly after a long day of recording. She had recorded several new songs that day. While Miley was very excited, she was also very tired and was looking forward to a nice, long, uninterrupted sleep. Sadly for Miley, a green light flashing in her window woke her up. She looked outside her window to see where the light was coming from. Nothing was outside. Miley shrugged it off, assuming it was just a car, and went back to sleep. But she soon realized that the windows in her room weren't facing any roads.

Miley, now a little bit scared, got up, went down to her kitchen and grabbed a glass of water. Miley heard something in her living room. Now she was scared, she picked up a kitchen knife and slowly walked into her living room. Miley was especially scared since she was barefoot and only wearing a tank top and panties. She slowly approached the living room expecting to see a burglar. But to Miley's relief, no one was there. She took a breath of relief, put the knife away and walked back to her room.

Miley laid down on her bed and quickly fell asleep. But something woke her up again in the middle of the night. Miley looked around her room and realized she was tied to her bed. Her wrists and ankles were tied to each corner of her bed so that her arms and legs were spread. She continued to look around and soon realized that tall, gray women were standing around her. They had long hands with three long fingers. They were wearing robes that went around their heads and hanged down around their bodies. Miley was paralyzed with fear.

"Human, we are visitors from a far away galaxy. We have learned your language and wish to learn about your culture. We apologize for restraining you. It's just that we wish to learn of a certain human phenomenon. Gargalesis, or as many of you call it, tickling." said one of the alien women.

Miley was relieved that they weren't going to dissect her but she was still scared. She was very ticklish all over her body, she didn't mind being tickled but she knew that she could only take so much. "Human, since you clearly have trouble talking to us. We shall tickle you until you answer our questions." said one of the aliens.

Miley was still to scared to talk. She knew they would tickle her but she simply couldn't get the words out. "So, my first question. What is your role in your civilization?" asked one of the alien woman.

Before Miley could even think about the question, one of the alien women started stroking and squeezing Miley's thighs. "Hahahaha! Stop it I'll tell you!" laughed Miley, "I am a singer, I entertain people."

"Very well then, who is the leader of this planet?" asked one of the alien women who instantly started scratching her feet. Miley started laughing instantly as her feet were very ticklish.

"Hahahaha! I'll..haha tell you!" laughed Miley. "Each country has different leaders, there are many different countries that have different kinds of leadership. America has a president and a congress. Some countries have one leader who decides everything, some countries have a whole team of leaders. I'm sorry I don't know about this stuff!"

"Thank you human, what languages are spoken on Earth besides the one you call English?" asked one of the aliens.

"There are many languages, I don't know every single hahaha...language! Hahaha!" laughed Miley as one of the aliens stuck Miley's toes in her mouth. The alien's had large mouths, big enough to hold all 5 of Miley's toes. The alien's mouths were filled with dozens of small, blunt teeth that tickled Miley's feet like nothing else could. While one alien was tickling Miley's feet, another had a small metal contraption with brushes on the end of it. The alien turned it on and the bristles of the brushes started circling around rapidly. Almost like an electric tooth brush.

The alien lifted Miley's tank top up, revealing her tummy, and slid the brushes inside her belly button. "Ahhhh! Hahaha! It tickles! Hahaha!" screamed Miley as the alien's tickled her feet and her belly button. The bristles raced around everywhere in her belly button. The dozens of tiny teeth gently nibbled Miley's cute toes.

After a while, the aliens stopped tickling Miley. But only for a few seconds, one of the aliens stuck her tongue out. Her tongue was long and covered in green saliva. One of the aliens started licking Miley's feet. The alien's tongues were long enough too wrap around Miley's nice little feet like a long, slimy, warm tentacle.

"Clearly you do not have the knowledge that we need. We will look for one of your leaders. If we are unsuccessful in that, we will return. We have many more ways of extracting information from you." said one of the aliens as the untied Miley and left her house. Miley knew they were coming back, she just didn't know when. And Miley was kind of looking forward to the aliens return. She even hoped they would stay a little longer.

Seeing as how her "ordeal" was over, Miley washed the green saliva off her feet and laid in her bed. She gently fell asleep and dreamed of the alien's return.

The End?
The second request for offbeatbryce [link].
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