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August 21, 2012
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Haylee and her older sister Kelly had just come home from shopping. Haylee had bought a new pair of short shorts, a new low cut shirt and a new pair of flip flops. Kelly had bought the same things just in different colors. They both wore their new clothes home as they both looked really cute in them. After a while, they kicked off their flip flops, sat on the couch and watched TV. Haylee laid out on the couch next to Kelly where they both fell asleep.

Kelly woke up a couple hours later to the sound of knocking at her front door. She got up and answered the door. A woman was standing there. She had shorter black hair, blue eyes and a slightly heavier build. She appeared to be about 25 or 30. The woman said, "Hello dear, can I come in? I need to use your phone. My car broke down about a mile down the road."

Kelly replied, "Sure, come right in. The phone is in the kitchen."

The woman walked into the kitchen. It was a bit strange since there were many other houses she could have gone too but Kelly didn't care. She was just glad to help the nice woman. Haylee awoke and sat up on the couch. She asked, "Hey Kelly, what's going on."

Kelly replied, "Oh this nice lady needed to use our phone. Her car broke down."

Haylee replied, "Oh okay, where is she?"

Kelly said, "She's in the kitchen."

Haylee found it a bit strange that this woman went to they're house when she could have gone to any other house down the road. But like Kelly, she didn't really care. Before Haylee could finish her thoughts, the woman called for Kelly to help her with the phone. Kelly walked into the kitchen. No noise came from the kitchen for a while. Haylee went to go check on them. Haylee was shocked to see her sister laying on the floor of the kitchen. She ran up to see if she was breathing. Thankfully, Kelly was breathing, she just passed out. Before Haylee could do anything, someone grabbed her from behind and held a chloroform-soaked cloth on her mouth, Haylee struggled at first but eventually fell asleep.

Haylee and Kelly awoke to find themselves tied to a bed. It appeared that they were in some kind of basement. They were both very scared. The woman who had knocked at they're door earlier walked into the room. Kelly yelled, "What the hell is going on?"

The woman replied, "Oh sorry about all of this. When I said my car broke down, that was just a little fib. I hope you don't mind. My name is Margret and I just couldn't resist getting my hands on you!"

Haylee nervously asked, "What are you going to do to us?"

Margret sweetly replied, "Good question sweety! What am I going to do to you? Well with you and your sister wearing those exposing low cut shirts, I might just do this!"

Margret came up to Haylee and stuck her finger in her belly button. Haylee said, "Hahaha! Stop it that tickles! Hahaha!"

Margret said, "Oh but you are so cute! How could anyone not tickle you!"

Then Margret lifted up Haylee's shirt and blew a raspberry on her tummy. Haylee was now laughing even harder! Margret used her free hand to tickle Kelly. She reached over and started squeezing Kelly's thighs. Margret said, "You girls these days wear short shorts way too often! Sooner than later, someone like me is gonna tickle your thighs! And looks like your thighs are quite ticklish!"

Kelly was laughing as Margret squeezed, pinched, stroked and scratched her thighs. Meanwhile, Margret was pinching Haylee's sides and hips. After a minute or two, Margret got on the bed and started tickling Kelly with both hands and using her bare feet to tickle Haylee's tummy. Every several seconds, Margret would blow a big, wet raspberry on Kelly's tummy. Soon enough, Margret started tickling Haylee with both hands and Kelly with her feet. She blew big slobbery raspberries on Haylee's tummy and gently nibbled the sides of her tummy. This went of for several minutes.

Finally, Margret got off the bed and stopped tickling Kelly and Haylee.

The End

Haha! Just Kidding ;)

Margret walked to the front of the bed where Kelly and Haylee's barefeet were sticking out. Margret used one hand to tickle Kelly's feet and the other to tickle Haylee's feet. Margret seductively said, "You know girls, I love eating baby carrots. Nibbling on them as a nice little snack. They taste good with ranch dressing and are good for you. You know what reminds me of baby carrots? Your toes!"

With that, Margret poured ranch dressing on Haylee's toes. While both Haylee and her sister liked it deep down, they were afraid of what Margret might do to them later. Margret lowered her head, she observed Haylee's feet for a couple seconds before licking her soles a couple times. She picked up the dressing that dripped down from her toes with her tongue and then licked the sides and tops of Haylee's feet. Haylee was laughing hysterically while Margret's tongue traveled along her bare feet. Soon enough, Margret lived up to her claims. She started nibbling and licking Haylee's toes like they were baby carrots. Haylee was laughing so hard, she started having tears come out of her eyes.

For the next several minutes, Margret enjoyed Haylee's bare feet. Once she had licked all the dressing off, she moved to Kelly. But this time, she did something different. Margret had Kelly's wallet, with her ID. "So, Kelly! Do you know what I'm going to do to you? I just enjoyed your little sisters toes. I want to enjoy your soles, you know to change it up a bit! I was going to use whipped cream but it's cliched and too easy. I want something that will be a challenge to lick off! Perhaps, something slimy or sticky! So I thought to myself, what would be a challenge. And I came up with an answer, peanut butter! I might have to get in there with my teeth but I should be able to lick most of it off."

Margret stuck her hand in a jar of peanut butter and pulled out a handful. She wiped it all over Kelly's soles and heels. Once the peanut butter was distributed evenly, Margret started licking. Kelly was screaming in laughter as Margret's tongue caressed her bare feet! Margret's tongue moved like a slug along her feet. But when Margret started nibbling on Kelly's heel, she went nuts. Kelly almost started crying from the tickling. Kelly was so glad when Margret stopped licking her feet, she liked it but it tickled so much.

"Oh Haylee! Don't think I forgot about you! Well how could anyone forget about you? Especially with that shirt that reveals your armpits! Your shirt is practically begging me to tickle them!" Said the now very excited Margret.

Margret walked over to Haylee and stuck her hand inside Haylee's shirt. She spider-walked her way from the sides of Haylee's tummy to her armpits. Each little step tickled more. Margret tickled Haylee's armpits causing her to scream almost as loudly as when she licked her toes. After a couple minutes, Margret stuffed her head underneath Haylee's armpits and started licking them. Now Haylee was laughing so hard!

Margret stopped tickling Haylee's armpits making Haylee think she was done. But no, Margret plunged her face into Haylee's tummy and gave her raspberries! Then Margret got onto the bed and rolled over on top of Kelly. She wrapped her hands around Kelly's thighs and waist. She gave her raspberries while pinching her hips and butt. Margret kept this going for several minutes. She stopped tickling Kelly only seconds before Kelly would have peed her pants.

Haylee and Kelly were both exhausted, their feet and tummies were covered in spit from licking and raspberries. Margret said, "Well girls, I hope you had fun. I would untie you but I'm afraid I can't do that. Oh well, you can stay with me! Tomorrow is bath day for my two new pretty house guests! You can say here forever.....and ever.....and ever.....and ever.....and ever."

The End
A request for my new friend TickleMeHaylee [link] She wanted herself and her sister to be tickled. I was very excited to write this for her since I haven't written a story featuring real people! Her request was quite vague, I think she wanted to be surprised! :D

Hope you like it!
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Gamernerd323 Apr 16, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks I had a lot of fun writing this. Sadly the sisters who requested it are no longer on DA :(
You're welcome and that's a shame
Gamernerd323 Apr 16, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I know they were really nice.
Odd. For some reason the woman reminds me of my first year Spanish teacher.... o_o

There was a story which I think involved Final Fantasy chraracters. Girl crash lands, guy finds her, they walk to this stream where the water's really clear, and he winds up kissing and licking her feet. What was that called?
Gamernerd323 Apr 2, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Haha you must have had an awesome Spanish teacher!

I'm not sure about the final fantasy characters.
No idea why I thought of her :-P but yes she was awesome. My class thinks she killed Momar lie
Gamernerd323 Apr 4, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
lol that's awesome. I had a spanish teacher that would go barefoot in class a lot, she had pretty hot feet haha
Cause she talked about traveling a lot and knowing all these languages. She had been everywhere and she only taught because she liked kids and her other job paid too much door anyone to keep her full time...she disappeared around the time that mess with Gadhafi came up to supposedly take care of her daughter who was deathly ill. Gaddafi died, she came back. He only had female bodyguards and they looked like her o_o she was pretty and hilarious. Her feet weren't bad but still it felt weird to look at my married teacher's feet.
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