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A wave of humidity hit Taylor Swift's face the second she walked outside from the private plane that she took to an island in the Caribbean. Taylor had just recorded several new songs and she was looking forward to a vacation. She had gone to a very small island with one airfield and a couple stores and homes. It was the perfect place for Taylor to unwind and relax. She elegantly stepped off the plane wearing designer sandals, designer sun hat and a revealing, red designer bikini.  

Taylor had two guides, and close friends, who would be escorting her. Natalie, a cute brunette, and Vanessa, also a cute brunette. They pulled up too Taylor's plane in a brand new Audi. Taylor walked too the car, every step she took was like that of a model. She sat in the back of the car where Vanessa was waiting for her with a skinny margarita. Taylor sipped on her drink as they drove towards the beach. They parked the Audi in front of a small restaurant. They three girls got out of the car and picked up an umbrella and some beach chairs. The sun shined down on the beautiful white, sandy beaches. A cool, refreshing breeze helped the girls resist the intense humidity.

They set up their chairs and umbrella about 20 feet from the water. "So Taylor, you wanna go into the water? It's beautiful!" happily said Vanessa.

"Sure, I'd love to! What about you Natalie?" said an excited Taylor.

"Oh sure! Let's do it!" replied Natalie. The girls ran into the warm, clear water in they're small bikinis. They walked around and splashed each other for a while. The girls enjoyed the warm water, the sand going through their nice feet and the warm sun beating down on them. After a while in the water, the girls headed back to their beach chairs where laid out underneath the warm sun. After an hour or so, Taylor fell asleep.

Taylor woke up on a small, run down motor boat. Three Caribbean looking women were in the boat with her, one was driving the boat. Taylor tried to move around but she realized her hands and feet were bound with rope. Taylor's bound, hot body bounced in the motor boat as they drove. They soon came to a larger boat. It appeared to be a fishing boat that had been converted into some sort of pirate ship. Taylor was afraid of what might come. She heard about some of these modern pirates do to they're captives.

The boat parked along side the fishing boat. A ladder came down, two of the women climbed up onto the pirate ship. Then the driver of the boat picked Taylor up and dropped her onto the boat. Taylor looked around desperately trying to observe her surroundings. She noticed many other Caribbean women, some of them were carrying AK47's. While Taylor was scared, the women were very attractive and Taylor was slightly aroused.

They picked up Taylor and carried her into the main cabin of the fishing boat and closed the door behind them. Inside was a very attractive Caribbean woman, she had long black hair and was wearing a revealing tank top with panties. She picked up Taylor and laid her face up on a bed. She pulled belts from the sides of the bed and tied Taylor down. The hot blonde had her hands and feet tied up with belts around her tummy, calf's and waist.

"So Taylor Swift. What are you doing here? On a vacation? You know, your record company will pay a lot of money for your cute, little, blonde ass returned safely. Oh how rude of me! I am Anna, the leader of my gang of pirates. We saw your plane come in and we couldn't help but investigate! We even got your friends! My girls are having some ticklish fun with them down in the engine room." said Anna.

"This is pointless! My family nor my producers negotiate with pirates! And what did you mean ticklish fun?" nervously asked Taylor. As she already knew, Taylor was really ticklish, and was maybe slightly aroused by tickling.

"Oh you know! Tickles!" laughed Anna as she poked at Taylor's sides and feet making her jump and giggle.

"Hehehe! Don't do that!" said Taylor as Anna poked and pinched at Taylor's sides and tummy. Then she moved down to her feet. Anna used her long nails to stroke and scratch Taylor's soft soles. She rubbed her fingers between Taylor's cute little toes. She nibbled and licked her toes covering them in spit. She savored the taste of each toe.

Anna dragged her tongue up and down Taylor's soles like they were lollipops. A nice slug trail was left behind after each lick which forced laughs and squeals from Taylor. Anna nibbled gently on Taylor's soles and heels. After several agonizing, cold minutes of feet tickling and licking. Anna moved up to Taylor's upper body.

Anna stroked Taylor's lower tummy and sides. Then she placed her soft lips on Taylor's even softer tummy and blew a huge, loud, wet raspberry forcing screams of laughter from Taylor. She pinched Taylor's inner thighs while licking, nibbling and kissing her tummy. Anna dug her tongue in and out of Taylor's deep belly button. Anna continued to blow raspberry after raspberry, many of which were directly over Taylor's belly button and were followed by intense licking.

Taylor screamed and laughed as Anna started focusing more on Taylor's thighs. She nibbled and licked her inner thighs while pinching her knees. Now Taylor was really laughing. Then Anna moved back to Taylor's tummy and blew several loud, slobbery raspberries while continuing to pinch Taylor's inner thighs. This went on for nearly an hour. Little did Taylor know, she was being filmed. Her family and close friends were gonna get a little ticklish surprise in the mail.

The End
I received a request from offbeatbryce, [link] He actually had two requests, one involving Miley Cyrus, the other with Taylor Swift. I'm not a fan of Taylor Swift's music but she's a good looking lady! Anyway, I started with this one and I will try to do the Miley Cyrus story later. Enjoy!

This is purely fan fiction! None of this actually happened!
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LJofSorrow Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2016
Taylor is my bae! <3 Will you write more stories about her and her beautiful white soles and cute toes? Honestly she has sweet feet xD
jakiture Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2012
Coool! :)
offbeatbryce Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2012
Great job. Still would have liked to Read Taylor's reaction more like hehehe hahaha stahhhp tickles etc
Gamernerd323 Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks, I'm still going to write the Miley Cyrus story so I will be sure to include Miley's reaction to the tickling.
offbeatbryce Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2012
When? U will write part 1 2 etc! Right? Eventually I want electric toothbrushes and dogs and cats licking ice cream from her bare soles hehe
Gamernerd323 Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I like the idea of the tooth burshes but I don't know about the dogs and cats. Maybe other human women licking the ice cream from her feet? I apoloigize, I don't usually like to involve animals.
offbeatbryce Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2012
When u make the story?
Gamernerd323 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Pretty soon, I'm working on a couple stories right now but it might take me a while.
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